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The different colours and sizes of stones symbolizes people coming together, all colours, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all equal. The stones also represent the warmth of the camp fire circle.
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The Van-Es Camp and Conference Centre is located just 20 minutes southeast of Edmonton, East and South on Highway 14. We have 100 acres on the south side of South Cooking Lake, nestled in the peninsula southeast of the town of Cooking Lake (see map below; other area camping also listed below). You should come see us.

Site Address

51244 Range Road 220
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8E 1G9


Mailing Address

PO Box 57063, Eastgate,
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8A 5L7


Google Maps

The Google map below is an interactive graphic image of where we are. If you need to know how to get here from where you are, then you can click on the "view larger map" link and then "-" sign to zoom out and "+" to zoom in to get the necessary perspective. You can then also use any of the Google tools available on Google maps, like Get Directions from where you are to find you way to us.

Note: You might need to click the "search maps" button once you are viewing the larger map to reassign our address flag on the Google map.


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Nearby Camping

The following are campgrounds and RV parks located nearby the Van-Es Camp & Conference Centre:

Mailing Address: PO Box 57063 Eastgate Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5L7